Dovecote View


Food, Glorious Food!

Here at Dovecote View, we pride ourselves on having a variety of choice of different meals and snacks, and making the most out of Mealtimes.
Mealtimes should be social occasions, and we encourage residents to come along to the Dining Room for meals, purely to be sociable! We have a lovely Dining Room Conservatory, so residents can enjoy their meals looking out over the lovely Garden and Pond area.

Breakfast can be provided in your own bedroom, or you can come along to the dining room, at your own pace, between 8.15am and 10.15am. We have a variety of cereals, porridge, fruit juices and fresh fruit, as well as providing a choice of Cooked Breakfast every day. If your someone who enjoys Egg & Bacon, or someone who just enjoys Porridge & a glass of fresh Orange Juice, we have the variety to cater you and your requirements.

Our Kitchen Manager, Juanita, has been with Dovecote View for over 20 years, and has an extensive knowledge on Food Hygiene, Nutrition and is able to cater the menu to your individual preferences. As Kitchen Manager, Juanita manages the day to day behind the scenes running of the Kitchen, but not only does she manage, she takes an interest in how you are eating, what you are enjoying and also what you are not enjoying. She regularly monitors how much you are eating, and will cater to residents with specific dietary requirements. Snacks and Drinks are provided at regular intervals throughout the day. We ensure that our Residents stay hydrated, and we are all not against a cheeky tipple of Sherry now and again!

Our Menu is very much like 'what mum used to make', and we pride ourselves on good, wholesome cooking, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, including Meat from The Goodwood Estate Farm. We have a more traditional menu, alongside a 'fine dining' option. We can also cater to those who require a specialist diet. We also have "Themed Lunches", for example, a "Wimbledon Lunch", in honour of when Wimbledon takes place each year, and other various sporting events. We also have Resident Parties, such as Easter Parties, Summer Fetes and our Christmas Party for residents and their families.